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Condition of Guarantee


S.T. Dupont pens, lighters, watches (leather straps excepted) and accessories are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase, subject to normal usage conditions and adherence to the instructions. 
In the event that the product needs to be repaired during this guarantee period, the repair will be undertaken by S.T. Dupont (parts and labor), providing that: all product under warranty.The product has not been subjected to shock, immersion, etc. the problem has not been caused by inappropriate handling, fair wear and tear or failure to maintain the product (e.g. clogging). the product has not been repaired in any way by any after-sales service other than that of S.T. Dupont or been interfered with by any person not approved by S.T. Dupont. The product has not been modified in any way from its original condition.


The lighter has not been dismantled in any way other than is necessary for changing the flint or refilling the gas (according to the instructions for use).
Must follow guidelines included with the lighter.
Must not drop, damage, keep near heat, etc... as stated in instruction booklet must be followed in order to be a valid warranty.

The pen has not been dismantled in any way other than is necessary for changing the cartridge (according to the instructions for use). This guarantee does not affect your statutory legal rights especially with regard to legal guarantees against faults or latent defects.

Where the product is under guarantee, you should also enclose your guarantee card and copy of sale invoice.We strongly suggest that you send your package using a tracked courier service.We cannot be held responsible for the loss of your package, if you use a method of transport that does not track package movements.
 If, after examination, it is decided that your product cannot be repaired, you will be sent a letter explaining the fault, together with your product in its present condition.